+ Accumulate engineering design experience for many years
+ Own many engineering achievements
+ Have many experienced wastewater treatment experts
Environmental protection equipment manufacturing installation and commissioning
+ Product varieties of water treatment chemicals independently
+ With many long-term partners and users
+ Cultivate and domesticate species for wastewater treatment
Environmental engineering equipment operation and management
+ manufacturer all types of equipment and accessories professionally
+ Sequence services of production, transportation and installation
+ Very mature and perfect after-sales service
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Xindu environmental protection is located in Yixing, a famous city of environmental protection, Tao Du. Xindu Environmental Protection Group includes: Wuxi Xindu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Wuxi Xindu Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., Wuxi Xindu Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. ,Jiangsu Xindu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.Xindu Environmental Protection is dedicated to the research and development and application of environmental protection technology in metallurgical industry and coal energy and environmental protection industry. It is China First Heavy, China Second Heavy, China Iron and Steel Research Institute, China Smelter Jingcheng, China Smelter Oriental, Anshan Iron and Ste.. MORE+

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